Track and Trace with a code

Only a simple CODE to Track and Trace any Shipment in real time!

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The current scenario
for companies that produce and ship

Real time information on the delivery

70% of cases, the sender is unaware of whether his shipment has arrived at its destination or not.

Too many workers in the delivery process

More and more people are involved in the supply chain; large companies combined with small transport companies or cooperatives. In most cases, contractual relationships are not continuous or stable and this can often lead to a significant loss of information.

Each carrier has its own IT system

Lack of strategy and control over the process. There is no single tracking of shipments. Difficult in managing operational problems. The process is linked to paper documents and information systems are not integrated with each other (sender and the various carriers).

There is no single APP

Carriers are not always equipped with an APP. If there is an App, it  communicates olny with the information system of the individual carrier. Small carriers don’t want to use too many apps. They prefer to have only one.

The service we offer

How does the solution work?

Request and download the QR code (token) from the platform

The ownership of the tokens is assigned to the company or to the logistics operator who can check the track and trace of the token in real time on the platform

Print the QR code on the DTT or on the label and apply it on the package or pallet

* integration with the management system to facilitate the management and tracking of tokens

The information is recorded by a single App and linked to the code

The QR code follows your document or package from the time of shipment until delivery to the end customer

U-Nick App

Each carriers can download the app directly on his smartphone. when he finds an u-Nick QR code, he can easily scan it and insert the outcome of each different delivery

  • Easy
  • Fast
  • Free of charges
  • Only one App for everyone

Why did we do it?
We are a group of insiders (CIO, Operators, Consultants and Academics of the transport sector) with the same idea and we live this lack of information every day.
We have chosen, Gulliver, as our technological partner because  having the largest number of automated drivers with its own App and cutting-edge technology.
Thanks to the tax benefits, it was easier to find investors to support our idea and our technology.

How u-Nick worksBusiness model

The App and its platform are completely free

The business model is ‚Äúpay per use‚ÄĚ for each codes used

The platform and the app have already been tested and are constantly improved

The cost is minimal compared to any other solution!

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